Mom in the Bathroom

I have always believed, me as a mother was a huge cosmic joke played by whatever higher power you may believe in. It seemed uncanny that a woman that could barely take care of herself could take care of 3 offspring. But here I am mother and care taker to 3 very different but beautiful child.

Two of these are twins but the only thing they ever shared was the womb. The oldest is five and you would never know he was five after a convo with him. I blame it all on his dad. Smart is an under statement . But what urges me to write muse at this present moment,  is the baby crying in the CVS drugstore bathroom and the mother holding him. A feeling of worry rushes over me as I hear her making “shhh” noises and hear the piercing, relentless  screams of her chubby one year old. I am instantly taking to the moments when I try to quite any one of my three in public. The frustration is stronger than 20 elephants pulling in one direction.  The love in her eyes….much stronger.

She seems embarrassed but content at her job of getting him to stop crying in that tiny bathroom.  I smile at her like she is suppose to know that I too have been the mom in the bathroom before.

You don’t know it lady, but I have 3 under the age of 5 . You feel hot and flushed and embarrassed by another person’s behavior that you can’t control at the present moment.

Ohhh those moments are so great. Yes, great. Its amazing how it strengths your bond and you can find just how to relate to this small creature. Its these moments that create what the cosmic world calls a mom.