The Twins: An N.I.C.U Update 2

Babies are wonderful. Marijo finished feeding and I will return for 11:00 feeding. They are so sweet. Audrey did not want blankets Aiden woke up to greet Marijo. NO SPITTING UP through out night or morning. We got their nursery ready…finished no…but ready yes. They are taking feedings well but still need the N.G. tube. Lew is ready to have them and his mommy home. Marijo should come home this evening.

The Twins: An N.I.C.U. Update

The twins are doing really well. Better than expected. They are totally off IVs as they no longer require antibiotics or glucose. They also are beginning to take to the bottle. Marijo is breast feeding via pump right now but hopes to move to true breast feeding soon. They are co-bedding tonight without heat to see if they can regulate their body temps themselves. They may also require the bilirubin light for a short time. They are still being fed mainly with the N.G. tubes in their nose. They are breathing room air and didn’t need respiratory therapy. They both have gained weight. Audrey is now 5.4 and Aiden is 4.75. Marijo is up and walking and was able to hold them for the first night tonight.

Lewis came up and had lunch with us. He was nervous at first, but just like me, after playing with the gadgets and pushing the buttons on the bed he felt better about the whole ordeal. He also got a bracelet as a gift from the lady in the gift shop that says Big Brother on it. The title fits him well. Doctor Manchandia (the Doctor for NICU) also met Lewis today and commented on what a large head he had and that he qualified to be a part of the Manchandia family. I got to go home and spend time with Lewis thanks to Toni and Alicia. Maybe tomorrow I can get the rooms in better shape.

There is so much information to deal with. Packets for feeding, for insurance, paternity, for waivers, for birth certificates. Videos for pumping and hospital care and hygeine. Whole 24 hour channels dedicated to care of babies. With all the handwashing, nurse calling, worrying, feeding, praying, cleaning, reading, helping, and yes even milking, it’s good to know that Marijo and I have got loving down pat already.

The Twins: A Status Update

They are both growing and doing well. Aiden reqired some assistance eating and Audrey had to be given reflux medication and put on an NG tube. Both are tolerating 20 mls and Aiden is up to 25. They are still on room air and are doing fine. Marijo went to see them tonight for the first time and cried her eyes out. She’s up and walking, going to the bathroom, and eating well. She and I both miss our son Lewis but know he’s in good hands. I’ve arranged for time off work and have been decent at taking care of my wife…without putting a pillow over her face at night.


Here’s a quick video tip on how to use PDFs to reduce the size of your e-mail attachments.  This way you can reduce the overall size of your e-mail inbox (and sent items) without all the maintenance and worry of deciding what to delete at the end of the year.


I’ve been working on brewing beer for the last two weeks now and I think I have the simplicities down pat…except for the “items on hand’ part of this whole bottle your beer at home thing.  I only had 24 bottles at 12oz each for 4 gallons of beer ready on the 7th to be bottled.  Have you done the math yet?  That’s right, I still have a keg full (2 gallons to be exact) of beer yet to be bottled.  Good luck trying to find a place that sells beer bottles new around Shreveport.  It’s hard enough to find products for my microbrewery online, much less the extravagant world of Shreveport Bossier….shit, we just got a Cheddars.

First Post

Well, this looks like it will be my first post in the world of blogging.  Not surprising though, Shreveport just got the interwebs and forks.  I’ll try to post things on here from time to time about me, what I like to do and some of the pictures and videos I make and take.  It may be worth it from time to time to check back or follow my blog type thing.